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Welcome to This website was set up to provide a brief reference source and summaries on various hot topics in endocrine pathology & cytology. As the author's main interest is thyroid FNA most of the site content deals with thyroid FNA cytology. The author has also developed two other endocrine pathology related sites a virtual endocrine slide pathology textbook and a reference collection of images of adenoma of the thyroid and follicular variant of papillary carcinoma of the thyroid which were assessed and scored by members of The UK Endocrine Pathology Society   

As time approaches the end of 2013 it would be fair to say that molecular pathology has revolutionised our understanding of thyroid disease. But despite major scientific advances in understanding of thyroid disease and thyroid cancer, routine pathology practice seems to have changed comparatively little. This website aims to offer some practical ways to close the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application in the pathology of endocrine disease concentrating specifically on thyroid pathology & cytology. The following pages deal with some of the key challenges in operating an effective endocrine pathology service, starting with pre-operative diagnosis using thyroid FNA cytology and ways of using latest knowledge in routine clinical practice. Any views expressed on this website are those of the author alone. Thank you.


Dr David Poller